Suomi Tyres Studs

Suomi Tyres' studs: The Best Grip, the Best Durability

Two things set the studs in Suomi Tyres' tires apart from the competition: grip and durability.

Suomi Tyres uses studs manufactured by Turvanasta Oy, a Finnish company with a long tradition and the highest expertise in the market.

The company began developing and manufacturing studs in the 1960s. During its operational period, it has made several innovations, the best of which have become "classic studs". These inspire several stud models to this day – both Turvanasta's own and those made by others.

Turvanasta says it made its best studs through close cooperation with its customers. This has also been the case with Suomi Tyres.

Stud positions already in the casting molds

Whereas Turvanasta Oy has refined the studs used in our bicycle tires to be the grippiest on the market through its product development, Suomi Tyres has focused on ensuring the studs stay in place.

Usually, studs are installed in tires in such a way that once the tire is ready, holes are drilled into it for installing the studs.

At Suomi Tyres, the holes are already present in the tire molds (see image). This makes the holes more precise in size and shape, ensuring that the stud stays in place more securely and does not come loose even under heavy use.

"We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Turvanasta Oy. In addition to technical aspects, this also supports our principle of local production: by using a Finnish manufacturer, we avoid long transport distances, among other things," says Suomi Tyres' CEO Dick Cormack.

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