New chapter with DMACK Nordic


A new chapter for Suomi Tyres begins now! 

”We are really looking forward to the next chapter together. The combination of our experience and legacy in the harsh conditions of WRC racing alongside the experience of Shimano Nordics in the cycling industry means we are well positioned to take studded tyres to the next level”, says Dick Cormack, Managing Director of DMACK Nordic. 

Over the course of 2024 and onwards, the brand will launch new models, invest in brand new machinery, and continue to take multiple steps forward in product innovation and quality with a focus on the unique challenges of the Nordic countries.

Suomi Tyres will continue to be a brand at the forefront of sustainability with their use of high-quality non-toxic oils and their locally sourced suppliers.

Production will continue in Lieksa, Finland, to ensure that the ecological footprint of the supply chain remains the lowest in the industry for the Nordic market. The sole distributor in the Nordics is Shimano Nordic.

Suomi Tyres are unique with their high-performance studs produced locally in Finland that provide both grip and reduced rolling resistance. Their market-leading winter-specific compounds ensure that the tyres will maintain the same levels of performance for years to come whether you commute using an eBike, or ride trails in the frozen forests.

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