• 27.5" x 2.25" (57-584) WXC'R SL W312
  • 26" x 2.1" (54-559) WXC SL W300
  • Studded tire
Product information:
  • Light-weight XC-tire for advanced riding off road, on ice and snow.
  • Sharp steel studs (300–312 pcs).
  • Light-weight Skinwall structure.
  • Aramid cables.
  • Non-Toxic rubber compound, specified for winter use.

Non-Toxic, environmentally friendly tyres

The superiority of our tyres is based on pure rubber compounds. Harmful oils have been replaced with low-aromatic oils. Thanks to our thorough and constant product development, Suomi Tyres is the leader in the manufacture of clean, environmentally friendly tyres.

Since 2005, Suomi Tyres has exclusively used environmentally friendly rubber compounds to manufacture our studded tyres. In addition, we were the first to introduce environmentally friendly, low-aromatic oils to the bicycle tyre market.

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